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Year 2 Scratch Project

In computing over the last few weeks the children have worked hard to create their own animated game on scratch. They have made two sprites move around the screen, one they have coded to move randomly around the screen and one has been coded to move using the arrow keys. The children have also coded the sprites to make sound and to disappear.

We have attached their game files below for you to see and have a go at playing!

To access these files you need to:

1. Save the file to your computer.

2. Go to scratch which you can access for free online following this link  or type in Scratch to your search browser.
3. Select 'create' or 'start creating'.
4. Then select 'file' at the top of the screen and 'load from your computer'.
5. Then open the file from the saved location.

Don't forget if the sprite disappears to select show on the bottom right panel.

Let us know if you have any problems!

The Year Two team