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Year 2

Please find below Parent Overview regarding what children in Year 2 are learning this week. 

Click the attachment at the bottom of the page for our 'Into Year Group' presentation. 

Date w/c 05.10.2020
Curriculum area  We are learning to… 
  • The children will be writing a fantasy description of where Beegu lives. The children will focus on up-levelling their sentences to include noun phrases and similes. 
Phonics rule for the week 
  • This week, we are revisiting the following sounds; o_e, u_e, ea and initial and final blends. 
  • We will be introducing the suffix = wr 
  • Your child will receive phonic homework and spellings to practice this week.  
  • The children will be learning to add 10 more and 10 less from a given number. They will begin to add and subtract 10s within 100, supported by practical apparatus.   

  • They will also begin adding and subtracting 2 digit and 1-digit numbers and crossing 10.  

  • Science Day is this Thursday! The children will enjoy lots of practical science experiments.  

  • We will also carry out an investigation to help Beegu. The children will find out what materials are best suited to make a rocket for Beegu. They will be finding materials that are translucent, transparent and opaque and what material would be most appropriate.  


Please note this is a basic overview of the planning for this week. It is impossible to cover in this outline all the learning that takes place during a week!  We also believe in listening to your children and responding to their interests and ideas therefore all our planning is flexible. Please note some of the learning will take place across more than one week and during some weeks the learning focus may not cover all curriculum areas.

Welcome to Year 2 Video