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Travel Plan

We are committed to promoting healthy, sustainable lifestyles.  As part of that commitment we aim to encourage the use of environmentally friendly, health promoting methods of travelling to the academy.  We are very proud to be the only Infant academy/school in West Sussex to have achieved our ModeShift Travel Award! 

The main objectives for our travel plan are:-

  • To improve road safety for everyone
  • To reduce car emissions
  • To raise awareness of sustainable forms of transport
  • To promote a healthy living ethos
  • To encourage empathy and responsibility within our school community when coming to the academy

The Travel Plan working group meet regularly to discuss usage progress to date along with newly identified actions.  In addition the academy can draw on existing local resources to help us work towards our objectives.

These are: Academy Staff, School Council, Eco School Team, Trustees and The FSIA.

Targets for The Southwater Infant Academy’s Travel Plan


Proposed Action

1.  To achieve a target of 90% of children using sustainable forms of transport to and from school daily through WOW scheme.

Continued promotion of sustainable transport by linking to curriculum based activities throughout the year and Living Streets WOW scheme.

2.  To allow children access to Balance Bikes and bikes suitable to their age and ability.  Gaining training for staff.

Funding for new Balance Bikes and Bike Sheds for EYFS.  Training from WSCC.

3. Parking Promise- encourage parents to park and stride or even better to walk to school therefore reducing emissions and promoting healthier lifestyle and reducing parking congestion.

By obtaining signatures from all new parents to say that they agree to park away from the academy.  Encourage through curriculum the health benefits of walking to school and the WOW scheme participation. 

 If anyone in the local community is interested in learning more about our Travel Plan or has a specific connection with sustainable travel we would be delighted to hear from you.