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In Southwater Infant Academy we believe that a broad RE curriculum both supports and strengthens what we aim to do in every aspect of school life. It develops core values which will in turn influence behaviour and help us to understand how we should live our lives, both at school and in the wider community.  

Together we aim to: 

-engage pupils in enquiring into and exploring questions arising from the study of religion and belief, as to promote their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development.  

-provide learners with knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religious traditions and beliefs represented in Great Britain. 

-develop their understanding of the ways in which beliefs influence people in their behavior, practices and outlook. 

-enable learners to become aware of their own beliefs and values and to have a positive attitude to the search for meaning and purpose in life.  

-encourage learners to develop a positive attitude towards other people who hold religious beliefs different from their own. 


Religious education is a statutory subject of the curriculum for all pupils and ‘should be provided for all registered pupils except those withdrawn at the request of their parents.’ (s 71 SSFA 1998) 

We ensure that we comply with the legal requirements by following the West Sussex Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2020-25 and Understanding Christianity: Text, Impact, and Connections. The agreed syllabus follows the legal requirement for RE to reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are mainly Christian, while considering of the teachings and practises of other principle religions represented in Great Britain. Culture is an important aspect of the world we live in and this is reflected in the curriculum we teach. People’s values affect the way they live and the decisions they make.  

Through the knowledge they acquire, our pupils gain an acceptance and respect for people, which is crucial in their role as Global Citizens within the community. Throughout their time here, they are encouraged to think about how different beliefs are relevant to them.  

Religious Education is taught on a weekly basis, but is sometimes delivered through a class topic or through RE assemblies. Our lessons are interactive and discussion based and center around Big Questions which encourage the children to discuss their opinions and extend their understanding of difficult concepts and challenging ideas. 

Pupils’ progress in RE is based on the expected outcomes outlines in the Agreed Syllabus and in Understanding Christianity, which in turn have been developed in line with guidance produced nationally. At the academy we value our pupils’ individual opinions and ideas and do not subject their ideas or opinions to formal assessment, we record and promote questioning which are central to good RE. 


Throughout the Academy, our pupils develop: 

-their knowledge and understanding of and their ability to respond to, Christianity, other principal religions, and world views.  

-an understanding and respect of different religions, beliefs, values, and traditions through exploring issues within and between and outside of faiths. 

-an understanding the influence of faith and belief on individuals, societies, communities, and cultures. 

-skills of enquiry and response using religious vocabulary, questioning and empathy. 

-skills of reflection, expression, application, analysis and evaluation of beliefs, values and practices, and the communication of personal responses to these. 

At the Academy we encourage the pupils to consider challenging questions of the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, the self, reality and right and wrong. We encourage them to learn from different religions, beliefs, values, and traditions while exploring their own. We hope that they leave the Academy with respect for and sensitivity to others, those whose faiths and beliefs are different from their own.  

RE is invaluable in our ever changing, increasingly diversifying community of Southwater.