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Physical Education


At The Southwater Infant Academy we aim to create a positive relationship with physical activity for life, through the development of the fundamental skills.  We endeavour to develop children’s awareness of a healthy life style associating this with our wellbeing, happiness and welfare. In line with our own values we have adopted the philosophy offered by the Real PE and Real Gym programmes developed by 'Create Development'. This ensures that we develop our children’s physical literacy, emotional wellbeing and thinking skills. We also enjoy competitive sports, developing our understanding of fairness and respect. 


In the Early Years, PE is taught through dance, gymnastics and multi-skills. In Key Stage One children continue to build on these skills and develop and apply in games and activities. The PE curriculum is planned to cover the skills, knowledge and coverage from Development Matters for the EYFS and The National Curriculum for Key Stage One. 

We aim to develop the whole child through our PE curriculum and use a holistic approach from Real PE and Gym that has a clear learning journey based on six different areas. The areas visited throughout each year group aim to develop a range of attributes including personal, social, physical, health and fitness, cognitive and creative abilities. These abilities are all interconnected and therefore they are presented to the children as ‘cogs’. We recognise that PE is a fantastic vehicle to develop these attributes.  

  • Through our Personal Cog our children in the EYFS develop a growth mind-set, developing skills in attention and focus. As we move into Key Stage One these progress and our children develop skills in perseverance and resilience. 
  • Through our Social Cog our children in the EYFS learn to play with others, taking turns and sharing. This progresses into Key Stage One where our children develop skills in understanding and encouraging their peers in their learning.
  • Through our Physical Cog our children in the EYFS learn to travel in different ways. This progresses to children performing skills and sequences in Key Stage One.
  • Through our Cognitive Cog our children in the EYFS learn to follow instructions. These skills develop in Key Stage One enabling our children to follow rules, sequence instructions and begin to evaluate their own performances.
  • Through our Creative Cog our children in the EYFS begin by observing and copying adult models. These skills develop throughout Key Stage One allowing our children to explore, describe and compare their own movements.
  • Through our Health and Fitness Cog our children in the EYFS begin by noticing how their bodies change during exercises. This knowledge and understanding becomes more sophisticated in Key Stage One enabling the children to explain the positive benefits of exercise and begin to use equipment safely and independently. 

Throughout our PE lessons children across the academy develop skills in balance, coordination and agility. We feel it is essential that every child learns how to compete and develop key skills associated with competition. Our children will compete against themselves aiming to improve performance. They will carry out indirect competitions with an opponent and direct competitions against opponents with varying degrees of social and physical interaction. We aim to embed our core values of respect, kindness and honesty through the opportunities provided in the PE curriculum. 

Children have lots of opportunities to develop and apply their skills at playtime with a range opportunities developed by the play leader in line with the focus cog of the term, and through home challenges set through tapestry. There is a real sense of love for PE throughout the academy. This is reflected through the high demand for extra-curricular sports clubs. 


By the end of Key Stage One, the children at The Southwater Infant Academy have a real enthusiasm for PE. They develop their fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination. They will be confident to apply their physical skills independently or cooperatively with others in a creative or competitive manner. They will understand the importance of a healthy life style and actively make choices to implement their understanding. The children will aspire to achieve their best in sport, and will leave the academy with an ambitious attitude that fosters a positive wellbeing. School Sports Premium has provided opportunities for PE and sport to be enhanced ensuring all of our children experience high quality PE and sport. 

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