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Parking Promise

The area outside The Southwater Infant Academy is busy in the morning and even more so at leaving times.   The “Keep Clear” zig zags should maintain an area free from parked cars at all times.  This allows children and parents walking in and out of the academy to cross safely where they can see and be seen by approaching traffic.

Parking Promise
Commitment to improve safe parking near the academy entrances and surrounding areas

If using the car is unavoidable, we will park in Lintot Square or in other safe locations away from the academies.  We request that cars should not be parked in resident’s parking spaces or driveways.

The staff car park is not for use at any time, this includes picking up and dropping off for Kids-Like-Us, Southwater Preschool and Academy clubs. The car park is only to be used by staff and disabled drivers for the safety of all pedestrians.

If parking in the lay-by outside the academy we agree to park sensibly to maximise space available and leave a free lane down the middle for movement.

We will never park directly outside the academy gate, this is an emergency entry and exit and must be clear
at all times.

We will not park on the pavements, corners, or zig zag lines, this is considered to be dangerous parking and will be reported to the police.

We agree to respect our neighbours and make sure that residents’ driveways, garages and parking spaces are not used or obstructed.

We will ensure that our children and siblings stay with us and keep to the paths, are never allowed to walk across the car park and only walk with their scooters and bikes when on the academy site.


Thank you!