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Parking Promise

Commitment to improve safe parking near the academy entrances and surrounding areas.

The area outside The Southwater Infant Academy is busy in the morning and even more so at leaving times.  Parents who park close to entrances act irresponsibly, placing children in danger.  The “Keep Clear” zig zags should maintain an area free from parked cars.  This allows children and parents walking in and out of the academy to cross safely where they can see and be seen by approaching traffic.

Using the car less would help reduce the congestion and danger

Many children are driven to the academy when they could easily walk part or all of the way.

Walking has various benefits:-

  • Helps keep children fit and healthy
  • Develops traffic awareness skills
  • Keeps the environment cleaner
  • Reduces traffic outside school at starting and finishing times

Please sign the Parents’ Parking Promise and make our academy a safer place

Thank you!

  • I will protect the safety of children at The Southwater Infant Academy by being a thoughtful driver
  • I will try to use my car as little as possible for journeys to the academy
  • I will not park on the “School Keep Clear” Zig Zags
  • I will not park on the pavement
  • I will park with consideration for the neighbours of the academy