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At The Southwater Infant Academy we aim to inspire a love for music, whilst giving children access to a diverse range of rich musical experiences. Children are given a variety of opportunities both inside and outside the academy, which allows them to enjoy music as listeners, composers or performers. Children explore the interrelated dimensions of music, such as dynamics, pitch, pulse and tempo both through timetabled music lessons and through self-initiated learning opportunities. Our children will be musically ambitious, seeing themselves as composers and performers. They will be able to identify musical features and use these to compose, practise and perform their own musical pieces. We will develop the wellbeing of our children, teaching them to recognise how music can be used to communicate feelings and emotions as a form of creative self-expression.  


Music is delivered through structured music lessons and self-initiated learning, but it is also an important part of each day. In each and every classroom our children are encouraged to sing and use their voices through everyday activities. Children's exposure to music is linked through their half-termly and termly Theme Units to deepen these rich learning experiences.  Music is also linked through other subjects and is a tool to support other curriculum learning, such as by learning songs and rhymes in maths and geography lessons. Children participate in singing assemblies, and are given opportunities to perform in class assemblies, performances, and go on trips to share their musical development in wider audience contexts. We aim to support children in their own musical development, from their own starting points to inspire them to be curious and invest in their own musical journeys. 


Through rich musical learning opportunities children acquire skills required to develop as aspiring musicians. They will use our fundamental learning powers of resilience, resourcefulness, to ensure good progress and development. These are particularly valuable for music as the children will access each of these in every music lesson to support them with their musical development. Music is a universal language which we aim for all our children to access. Children will understand world music by being exposed to music across different cultures and historical periods. These will celebrate the different cultures that our children may have had experiences of. Children will grow in their confidence in performing to audiences but also in being free to explore and celebrate their own musicality.  

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