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Impact Statement

Trustee Impact 2019/20

Trustees Impact across the The Southwater Infant Academy- Summer 2019

As trustees we observe the great work around The Southwater Infant Academy and provide challenge and assist in areas that they can improve, monitor and progress.

  1. Ofsted – trustees contribute to preparations and meet with the inspectors on the day to answer questions and talk in general about the school.
  2. Finance – The impact of the trustee’s role in the academy ensures that the budget is managed effectively and improvements are effective and continuous. Trustees approve the budget to improve areas in our academy in line with the action plan.
  3. Trustees expertise – the trustees bring a wide variety of expertise to the school and this helps to ensure the academy is moving forward.
  4. Recruitment – trustees ensure that all trustees have the skills necessary to recruit the right teachers for children at  The Southwater Infant Academy.
  5. All trustees have a responsibility for specific areas of interest within the school. We have conducted reviews including Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs and Disability, Looked after children, Pupil Premium and Health and Safety.  Two new trustees have also been appointed.
  6. Progress and Attainment – data for all children across the academy has been analysed. Data focuses on reading, writing and maths. Analysis is completed by looking at different groups of interest, including year groups, classes, pupil premium, high ability and boys/girls. The aim is that trustees get a wider view and are aware of how children are performing; and if there are any concerns they ask challenging questions to ensure that any identified problems are addressed in a timely manner.
  7. Trustees have also undertaken monitoring visits, including separate meetings with Mrs Cavallo to hear more about literacy in the academy and the progress made.

Priorities for 2019-2020

  1. Continue to visit The Southwater Infant Academy for meetings, monitoring visits and other social/school events, and ensure that all these are well attended, with all trustees contributing.
  2. To ensure that trustees have a good understanding of data, reports and policies, to allow for confidence to question and challenge as well as to champion improvements and achievements.
  3. To recruit, welcome, and induct any new trustees to the team.
  4. To be involved in and prepared for dealing with any issues as they arise such as Recruitment, Health & Safety, and Ofsted Inspection.
  5. To ensure the Ofsted action plan is delivered effectively.
  6. To ensure each trustee has up-to-date safeguard training.

If you would like to get in touch with our trustees please contact: