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At the Southwater Infant Academy, we aim to enable our children to be curious and inquisitive about the past. The teaching of history enables our children to develop an identity and a sense of self as they learn about significant events and people in their own lives, within our community of Southwater and within the wider world too. We want our children to develop essential skills enabling them to think and act as historians within the context of their own locality as well as the wider world. We aim to ensure that all of our children have the opportunity to see themselves represented positively in history, helping them to develop ambition and to further develop a respect for diversity too. 


Within the EYFS, the teaching of history starts with the children recounting and sequencing significant events within their own experience. This is developed through discussions about and sharing of stories from their own lives, for example talking about families, homes and routines. The children then move onto distinguishing between the past and the present, then begin to learn of past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of their families. They learn about the similarities and differences between themselves and others and amongst families, communities and traditions.  

In Key Stage One, the teaching of history moves on to the children learning about significant events and people beyond living memory. They learn about people and events from their own locality as well as nationally or globally. The children also learn about changes within living memory. The teaching and learning is cross-curricular where possible, and there are strong links with English, geography and drama, ensuring that the children are fully immersed in history and that there is depth in learning within each Theme Unit. They are able to recount and make comparisons about stories from the past, distinguish between fact and fiction and use simple information sources to answer questions. 

Within Year One, the children begin by learning about significant events that have happened nationally or globally as well as learning about significant people. The learning involves discussions, role play and research, to allow the children to develop an understanding of the significance of the events and people from the past. The learning then moves onto the children creating timelines of significant events that have happened locally as well as within their own personal history. 

During Year Two, the children continue to develop the skills that they have already established in Year One. They continue to learn about significant events and people on a global scale. Further developing their skills as historians, they cultivate an understanding of chronology. They begin to analyse, compare and interpret their research, handling artefacts, interviewing historical characters, reading books, biographies, fact files and diaries to elicit historical information.  


The children at The Southwater Infant Academy enjoy learning about history. History is taught in close conjunction with English, drama and geography, ensuring that the learning is comprehensive and purposeful for our children. The children see themselves as historians and are confident to think and question analytically using a range of information sources to understand the past in Southwater, the UK and across the wider world. An emphasis on contextual history, learning about historic people and events from Southwater engages members of the community in the children’s learning providing role models from the locality for the children to learn from and aspire to.  

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