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Please find below Parent Overview regarding what children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are learning this week. 

Click the attachment at the bottom of the page for our 'Into Year Group' presentation. 

Date w/c 05.10.20 
Curriculum Area We are learning to...
Communication & Language 
  • listen carefully at carpet time 

  • have conversations with our friends 

  • listen carefully to stories 

  • discuss what makes a good friend 

  • have a go at writing our name and a friends name 

  • sound talk simple words 

  • tell stories using wordless books 

  • identify new sounds (focusing on the sounds s, a, t) 

  • compare amounts 

  • compare size 

  • compare mass 

Understanding the world 
  • explore and discuss different experiments and activities on Science day 

Expressive arts and design
  • explore the creative areas and resources in our new classrooms and outdoor areas 

  • joining in with songs about Harvest 

  • play different playground games 

Physical Development 
  • explore different equipment in our outdoor areas 

  • use the toilet independently 

  • wash our hands 

  • move in different ways 

Personal, social and emotional development 
  • recognise the feelings in our “Red zone” – angry, mean, terrified, overexcited 

  • discuss what makes a good friend 


Please note this is a basic overview of the planning for this week. It is impossible to cover in this outline all the learning that takes place during a week!  We also believe in listening to your children and responding to their interests and ideas therefore all our planning is flexible. Please note some of the learning will take place across more than one week and during some weeks the learning focus may not cover all curriculum areas.