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The Southwater Infant Academy Curriculum Statement


At The Southwater Infant Academy, we aim to nurture and develop children from their own starting points to grow creative learners that aspire and achieve. 

Our curriculum is broad and progressive, built around the children and community, and enriched by memorable experiences and opportunities. We believe strongly in supporting children to develop key learning skills that prepare them for lifelong learning, as well as competence in the core skills of maths, reading, writing and computing. 

Southwater Infants has an inclusive ethos, with stimulating learning environments that challenge, support and celebrate learning. Underpinning our curriculum are our key drivers:

Aut 1 –Developing kindness and supportive relationships

Aut 2 – Respecting our environment

Sp 1 – Being part of the global community 

Sp 2 – Being resourceful and creative 

Sum 1 – Respecting diversity and equality

Sum 2 – Driving to aspire and achieve 

These work alongside our academy values to ensure the children leaving the academy have high aspirations and are encouraged to succeed through a purposeful and meaningful curriculum.


The Southwater Infants curriculum is delivered through ‘Theme Units’ which create a learning experience that links curriculum areas together. Wow starters and exciting openers engage learners from the start, and the units are adapted each year to meet the needs and interests of the current children. Knowledge and skills are taught collectively alongside Learning Powers to ensure children are able to apply and build on their learning with increasing independence. 

Subject leaders are key in the planning, progression and delivery of the curriculum. A system of curriculum monitoring and review ensures subject developments and changes are implemented effectively, and that the curriculum meets the needs of every learner. 

Quality First Teaching is central to the teaching and learning at the infant academy, with targeted interventions used to support learners where appropriate. Each year group further enhances the curriculum through the use of visitors, trips and experiences, alongside after school clubs, to provide a rich and meaningful learning experience.


The impact of our curriculum can be seen across the academy in everything we do. Staff and children demonstrate effective use of learning powers and our key values throughout each day. Children want to come to the academy and learn, they are enthusiastic about learning and pupil voice is reflective of this. Visitors to the academy give positive feedback, as do our families and those members of the community who visit us for various reasons over the year. Displays and Learning Journals demonstrate the breadth of the curriculum, the rich learning experiences the children have had and the high quality of outcomes. These are backed up by our high outcomes at the end of Early Years and Key Stage 1.

The National Curriculum can be viewed here.