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Art & Design


At The Southwater Infant Academy we aim to foster individuality and creativity in all of our children. We aim to deliver a creative Art and Design curriculum accessible to all, ensuring that every child sees themselves as an artist and achieves to the best of their ability. Our Art and Design curriculum provides the children with a range of opportunities to develop and extend skills and enables them to express their individual interests, thoughts and ideas.  

We aim to provide a high-quality Art and Design education that engages, inspires and challenges our children, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to experiment, create and invent their own individual works of art. We believe that Art and Design stimulates imagination and ingenuity. Our children are provided with opportunities to respond to their understanding of the world around them through visual, tactile and sensory experiences. Our children’s wellbeing is nurtured through Art and Design enabling them to communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern and various materials and processes.  

At The Southwater Infant Academy we recognize the vital role Art and Design plays in allowing curiosity, creativity and self-expression to develop alongside resilience, confidence and critical thinking skills. The skills children acquire in Art and Design are a means of supporting their learning in a range of ways, and can be transferred to other areas of the curriculum. Through the study of various artists children are encouraged to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of Art and Design, in turn this supports them with developing and evaluating their own art work.  


Art and Design is embedded throughout the curriculum at Southwater Infant Academy. Children will experience opportunities to develop their skills in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, textiles. At Southwater Infant Academy we ensure a progression and continuation in the teaching and learning of the elements of art such as line, tone, texture, colour and pattern.   

The children’s learning is enriched and developed through a themed Creativity Week, where the children have the opportunity to work corroboratively, explore various styles and techniques and link their Art and Design learning to other areas of the curriculum, inspiring creativity in all subjects.  

In the EYFS our children are taught art appreciation through a topic based curriculum. They are introduced to new skills and are provided with opportunities to explore and experiment with a wide range of materials, tools, and techniques to help them begin to develop their skills in this area.  

As the children progress through Key Stage One, they are given opportunities to explore, develop and evaluate their own ideas. They are taught specific skills in drawing, painting, printing, textiles, collage and sculpture. Links with the use of ICT to develop artwork are also made through computing. Children are introduced to a wide range of art and artists from various cultures and periods.  Every year there is a clear progression of skills, which build on the children’s prior knowledge and learning. 

In Year One the children are encouraged to use a range of tools, exploring line, shape and colour. They are encouraged to mix a range of colours and create a range of textures exploring a wide variety of media. 

In Year Two these opportunities further develop and children are encouraged to explore patterns, mix an increasing range of colours, shades and tones working on a range of scales with a variety of tools. They experiment with an increasing variety of techniques, developing confidence and independence in drawing, painting, printing, textiles, collage and sculpture. 


Children at The Southwater Infant Academy will become creative and inspired learners, with a wealth of knowledge about the work of a range of artists, craftspeople and designers. Through creative, exciting and engaging learning opportunities, children will have embedded the key Art and Design skills required to support them in developing, producing and evaluating imaginative and individual works of art. Children will be exposed to a diverse and stimulating curriculum. They will grow in confidence in applying the fundamental skills in Art and Design into their own collaborative and individual works of art, confidently exploring their own creativity and celebrating the work of others.  

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