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Academy Status

We were invited to become an academy in June 2010 by the Secretary of Education as we were graded as an outstanding school in our last Ofsted inspection in June 2008.  We considered this invitation very carefully and decided as an outstanding school with a committed team of staff and governers, the support and trust of parents and children who love coming to school and enjoy learning.  In order to maintain everything we had worked very hard to achieve and to be in a position to continue to make improvements in a climate of reducing services from the local authority and the forecast of possible budget cuts we decided to apply.

We considered the freedoms that would be afforded to us and decided these would be beneficial in order maintain and improve our provision.  These are:

  • Funding directly from the Education Funding Agency, giving us more control over our budget and how it is spent.
  • Opportunities to develop the curriculum further to suit the needs of the children.
  • To manage our own school admissions and become our own admissions authority.

We formally became an academy on 01 July 2011.