Arts Week

 Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the Earth and now they're coming back!  In a time when dinosaurs ruled, one of the largest was the Iguanodon.  Southwater Country Park has a special connection with dinosaurs - 95 years ago the skeleton of an iguanodon was found in the lake in the Country Park.  To celebrate this the Country Park's adventure play area is being re-designed as a Dinosaur Island with a swamp, dinosaur bones and dinosaur hunts.  There may even be a volcano. This new island will be opened in July this year.

During this week the teachers have planned lots of exciting lessons - including dance, music, art, drama, sculpture and lots more to make this an exciting week - and some of the children's work will be on display at the opening of the Dinosaur Island play park in Southwater Country Park.

The people at the Country Park who have designed this Dinosaur Island want your paintings and sculptures to be put on display in the Visitors Centre and on the paths leading to the island

Mrs Dilling and the Eco Group have designed a charter for the island.  It will be on display at the academy first then it will live at the entrance of the island.

Have a wonderful week.