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Medication Permission Form

We are writing to ask permission for the academy to be able to administer paracetamol and/or antihistamine during the school day.

A summary of the medications which the academy can administer with parental consent is available to view on the academy’s website. A full copy of the academy’s policy for Managing Medicines is available from the office upon request should you need further clarification.

Please note that although we are writing now to obtain this parental permission we will not administer any medication just to keep an ill child in school. Even if we do receive parental consent to administer medications, as good practice, we would still try to contact parents during the school day to notify them that a child needed such medication.

Pupils will be given a standard dose suitable for their age and weight.

This consent is only for paracetamol/antihistamines – any consents already received for other medications are not affected by this communication and will remain in place until parents advise otherwise.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you require any further information.

Tick the non-prescription medications below that you give your consent for the academy to administer during the school day and confirm that you have administered these medications in the past without adverse effect. Please keep the academy informed of any changes to this consent.*