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Full-Time and Part-Time Places Form

From September 2011, changes to the Admissions Code gave parents the right to choose whether they wish their child to start full-time or part-time in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception), subject to the caveat that children are receiving full-time education in the term following their fifth birthday.

Historically, at The Southwater Infant Academy, we have found that the vast majority of parents choose a full-time place and due to our careful nurturing and support most children thrive at school. Please feel reassured that should your child not be thriving in full-time education, we will discuss this with you. We understand that many of you will be anxious about this following a potentially long period of absence from nursery or pre-school due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however rest assured, children are very resilient and adaptable and will quickly adjust to being in full time education.

We have now received direction from government that it is their expectation that “All pupils in all year groups in England will go back to school in September.” We understand that for some of you this may cause concern or anxiety; however we would like to ask that you consider your child’s full time or part time placement with normal circumstances in mind. e.g. If restrictions and guidance allow, and you feel it is safe to do so, would you like your child to attend full time at the academy.

Please indicate below whether you would prefer a full-time or part-time place for your child. Under usual circumstances to ensure the classes are as stable as possible, after the initial ‘settling in’ period, part-time children will attend from 8.50am to 11.30pm and full-time children 8.50am to 3.15pm every day. Should you choose a part-time place for your child, you will be given the option of them becoming full-time from January 2020.

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