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Year 1

Please find below Parent Overview regarding what children in Year 1 are learning this week. 

Click the attachments at the bottom of the page for our 'Into Year Group' presentation and video. 

Date w/c 05.10.20 
Curriculum area We are learning to…
  • Children will retell the story of Bog Baby
  • Children will create their own story map and use it to retell the story
  •  Children will practise their letter formations. This week the children focussed on the long ladder letter j
  • Children will listen and respond to a range of stories. · Children will practise blending and segmenting simple CVC and CVCC words. They will use their skills to read real and nonsense words. Focus sounds – ow and oa
  • Children will compare groups of objects and order them from greatest to smallest

  •  Children will order numbers on number tracks and number lines.

  • Children will learn to use ordinal numbers

  •  Children will practise writing numbers 0-20 in numerals and words.

  • The children will carry out a variety of science investigations as part of Science Day!
  • The children will draw a map of their classroom. They will learn to us vocabulary such as left, right, North, East, South and West to describe position

Any other information
  • Your child will be bringing home a letter formation sheet to practise at home. Please upload a photo on Tapestry.


Please note this is a basic overview of the planning for this week. It is impossible to cover in this outline all the learning that takes place during a week!  We also believe in listening to your children and responding to their interests and ideas therefore all our planning is flexible. Please note some of the learning will take place across more than one week and during some weeks the learning focus may not cover all curriculum areas. 

Into Year group Video