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At The Southwater Infant Academy we endeavour to create a love for literacy. We want every child to leave with an enthusiastic desire to write and the skills to do so. We aim to ensure that our children write confidently with independence. We aim to develop our children as good communicators ensuring that writing is given purpose and that children are skilled at writing in a variety of genres and styles. In addition to valuing the content of their written work our curriculum enables our children to spell and use age appropriate grammar, scribing in a neat pre-cursive handwriting style. 


We teach writing through our termly and half-termly ‘Themed Units’. Engaging our children in exciting and captivating themes, instantly engages them in writing with a purpose. Inspiring our children through exposure to high-quality texts is crucial to ensuring excellent outcomes and high standards. To enable our children to be motivated and enthusiastic writers, a range of stimuli are offered for writing. ‘Wow Starters’ including but not limited to drama, role play, real-life experiences, visits and visitors and exciting events inspire and stimulate the children to write with passion and excitement. Class teachers and teaching assistants model high expectations of writing structure and organisation enabling the children to write successfully. 

In the EYFS, the children are encouraged to make marks from entry. There is a literacy rich learning environment, with resources aimed to inspire writing. The children access these every day through high quality continuous provision. They begin linking sounds with letter transcription from the beginning of their phonics journey and our letter formation rhymes mean that good habits are formed from the start. The children move quickly through the progressive steps from using random letters, to letter strings, recognisable words to forming sentences which can be decoded. Early inventive spelling is expected in Reception and we encourage the children to be applying their phonic knowledge to develop their emergent writing.  

In Key Stage One, the children develop their transcription skills. By the end of Year Two their writing is well presented, punctuated, spelled correctly (within the realms of age appropriate expectations) and neat. The children are given the opportunity to re-read and edit through purple polishing to improve their writing so every piece of writing they produce is to the best of their ability and better than the last.  

Throughout their time at Southwater Infants, children develop their skills by exploring a whole range of different genres, with a focus on exploring a range of models of excellence and using these to guide the drafting and editing process. It is important to note that we not only develop a real enjoyment of writing in English lessons but in all subjects across the curriculum. We expect the highest standards of writing every time a child writes in any subject.  


Our writing curriculum is high quality, well planned and engaging, ensuring that we are able to demonstrate clear progression for every child. The children here see themselves as writers and want to write. We measure the impact of our curriculum by reflecting on the standards achieved against the planned outcomes, and ensuring children can understand and apply the fundamental principles of spelling grammar and punctuation in their writing. Equally, providing children with the skills to evaluate, improve and redraft their writing, to enable them to become responsible, competent, confident and creative writers.   

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