Interventions Area


Please click on the name of the intervention your child is receiving to find out more.

Mrs Dilling will write to you on a termly basis to inform you if your child is receiving any interventions at school. Sometimes there are bespoke interventions created specifically to meet the needs of your child. Please speak to your child's class teacher for more information on these.

  1. ELS
  2. Fostering Friendships
  3. Individual reading
  4. Jump Ahead Fine
  5. Jump Ahead Gross
  6. Lego Therapy
  7. Mathemagicians- Year One
  8. Mathemagicians- Year Two
  9. Memory Magic
  10. Narrative Therapy
  11. Paired Reading Leaflet
  12. Play Therapy
  13. Phonics booster
  14. Rising Stars
  15. School start sound awareness
  16. School start language
  17. Social Skills
  18. Speech Sound groups
  19. Time2Talk
  20. Word house reading
  21. Word rocket reading
  22. Word house spelling
  23. Word rocket spelling