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Caterpillar Parent Overview

Please find below information about what children are learning this week.

Date w/c 21.9.20 

Curriculum Area We are Learning to...
  • Children will draw and label their own Bog Baby
  • Children will practise their letter formations. This week the children focussed on the long ladder letter l
  •  Children will listen and respond to a range of stories. · Children will practise blending and segmenting simple CVC and CVCC words. They will use their skills to read real and nonsense words. Focus sounds
  • Children will find one more than a given number to 10/20
  • Children will find one less than a given number 10/20 
  • Children will practise writing numbers 0-10 in numerals and words
  • The children will go on a material hunt and distinguish between materials and their properties
  • The children will be learning about a European country as part of European Languages Day. · They will enjoy tasting food and listening to music in different languages.
Any Other Information
  • Your child will be bringing home a letter formation sheet to practise at home. Please upload a photo on Tapestry.