The Southwater Infant Academy uses policies to outline the practices and procedures we follow in most situations.  Each policy outlines our work in key areas and attempts to give clear information that is easily accessible for all.
Should you require help in understanding or accessing any of the academy's key information, please do not hesitate to contact the office team who will be able to assist you.  To view our Statutory Information please click here
  1. Admissions Policy - 2018-19
  2. Admissions Policy - 2019 -20
  3. Admissions Policy - 2020-21
  4. Accessibility Strategy
  5. Anti Bullying Policy
  6. Attendance Policy 2019
  7. Behaviour Policy 2019
  8. Charging and Remissions Policy
  9. Child Protection Policy 2019.docx
  10. Complaints Policy and Procedure 2019
  11. Data Protection Policy
  12. Equality Statement and objectives 2019-20
  13. EYFS Policy
  14. Food Policy
  15. Health and Safety Policy
  16. Online Safety Policy 2019
  17. Privacy Notice
  18. Promoting British Values Statement
  19. RE Policy
  20. Relationship and Sex Education Policy
  21. SEND Policy