Exploring the World

"Historical, geographical and solical understanding fires children's curiosity and imagination about who we are, where we have come from, where we live and where we might be going next.  It connects Britain's past with the present and the future, helps children make sense of our place in the world and is central to their development as informed, active and responsible citizens.

This area of learning encourages children to investigate the world around them, from the local to the global.  They learn about the impact of their actions on the planet and understand the importance of developing a future that is sustainable.

Through exploring cultures, beliefs, values, human rights and responsibilities, children develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and asense of belonging.  They see how societies are organised and shped by people's values and actions, and how communities can live and work together.

Children learn about diversity and interdepenedence, fairness, justice and democracy.  They begin to understand how events that happened in Britain long ago or in other countries can affect our lives today and how our actions shape the future.

Children also learn about their esponsibilities both as individuals and members of groups and teams.  They learn to cooperate and to compete fairly, understanding their own and other's roles.

As they become more confident, children develop a growing self-awareness and a commitment to self-improvement so they can make informed decisions that lead to happy and healthy lives.  They raise their aspirations, set goals and work to achieve them, seeing how this will influence their opportunities in education, leisure and in the world of work."

Sir Jim Rose 2011