At The Southwater Infant Academy we encourage the children to recognise and use positive learning behaviours throughout everything they do. These are behaviours that are important in helping children to succeed, not just academically or in a school setting, but in all areas of their lives.

We use learning toys to help the children remember and use these behaviours, and encourage the children to talk about which toys they have used. Details about each of the learning toys can be found below, explaining which learning behaviour they support, and you may also have noticed them on the learning certificated the children are awarded in celebration assemblies.

The children are always excited to talk about the learning toys they have used each day, so please do ask your child about this and encourage them to be proud and celebrate the learning behaviour rather than just the outcome of a task.


Bertie the Bee- Team Work 





Leo the Lion- Communication 





Una the Unicorn- Creativity 





Oscar the Owl- Respect





Tammy the Tortoise- Growth Mindset